Brand Spotlight : Chidiyaa and chasing dreams


There is no such thing as too many block prints, right? At a time when the market is flooded with busy ‘typical’ block prints, it delights me when I can find distinct and thoughtful block printed clothing that don’t look like every other piece of clothing I have bought in the last fifteen years. It was this search that led me to Chidiyaa, a brand that has a distinct aesthetic and design sensibility. It is not a quirky brand. You won’t see telephones and cats on their clothing. What you will find are timeless florals, paisleys and stripes reinvented in unexpected ways. I am personally a huge fan of their stripes.

and a dollop of Pure Ghee-2.png

I chatted up Pooja, the designer behind Chidiyaa and she shared her story of an Engineering and MBA graduate with a corporate job who decided to chase her own dream and start a design label. She does not come from a ‘fashion’ background but what she does have is a lot of intuition and a flair for design, obviously. One of my favourite things about their  instagram handle is the stress on the process. I love that I get to see the block printer and weaver making the piece of clothing that I am going to buy. Chidyaa is all about stories and details, which are two of my favourite things.

At a time when we are waking up to the idea of responsible fashion, here is a brand that invites you to be a part of the process.


I own multiple pieces from Chidiyaa. An indigo saree, a black one and a white one (all of which you can see here) and an indigo crop top. Every time I get one their website, I am very tempted to buy a couple of their dresses to. Now, back to the sarees, they are buttery soft and drape beautifully. These sarees which do not typically require starch are a great starting point for saree wearing newbies who want ti make friends with cotton sarees. The sarees are finished with the cutest fabric tassels in contrasting colours. I adore the way they mix up classic stripes with whimsical florals and paisleys on the same saree. Their blocks are custom designed by Pooja and her team of designers and block printed to their exact specifications.

 ‘Chidiyaa’ the house sparrow that we all grew up watching as kids and no longer see. It’s an attempt to go back and relive the lazy summer afternoons.’ 

This is what Pooja has to say about her brand and this is exactly how wearing a Chidiyaa saree makes me feel. Like I own a part of the past in an unforgettably contemporary way.

You can shop their website here.



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