Books to ‘teeth’ on : Board books from Tulika

Make friends with a book _ a review and a note

Young children are not the most gentle people in the world. We all know that. Its is also unfair of us to expect us a one year old to completely understand how to be gentle with a paperback book, for instance. Their world full of sensory explosions and it is only to be expected that a few brave books will fall victim to the cause.

Board books are perfect for curious little hands and a wonderful (and hardy) entry point into what is, hopefully, a lifelong relationship with books. I still love board books for my 2 year old who is comfortable with and understands how to be gentle with paperback by now. They are the perfect size to toss into his diaper bag when we are stepping out and for him to read by himself in the car seat.

Tulika has been one of my favourite publishing houses from much before a child ever entered the picture so you can imagine my excitement when they brought out board books. These books are, in typical Tulika fashion, bright and cheerful.

They have brought out four books to begin with and each book is inspired by or adapted from a popular childhood rhyme or song from a regional language. Dosai Amma Dosai is a much loved Tamil rhyme and our little toddler was terribly excited when he saw the dosai book. We would love to hear the original version of the other three too. If any of you know it and could email it to me, I would be so very grateful.

The illustrations and colours used are bright and engaging for early readers and the amount of text in every page is just right. The books are a great size for young readers, teethers and biters.

These books remind me of Oluguti Toluguti, their earlier collection of rhymes and songs from across the country and that book has been a consistent favourite in our house for years now. I remember buying copies for almost every niece and nephew and reading it with all of them. That is a big hardbound book but these are the perfect sized board books and I can see myself buying multiple copies as gifts for friends and family.


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