The Brass Tacks Story : brand spotlight

At a time when we are talking about sustainable and responsible fashion, I figured it may be a good idea to start featuring brands that I love and shop from both for adults and children on the blog. These are brands that work with local artisans, weavers and craftspeople. Brands that are ethical and conscious about where their materials are sourced from and who makes the clothes.
A Brass Tacks dress from the Spring-Summer 2017 collection
The Brass Tacks story goes back to 2007 when Anaka Narayanan wanted to crate a brand that will, in her own words, ‘fill a void in the market for well-made, well-tailored, shapely clothes made from high-quality natural and hand-crafted textiles.’ In the decade since, this space in fashion has expanded and grown with a lot of brands entering the scene. However, Brass Tacks will always remain very close to me for more reasons that one. 
My story with Brass Tacks also goes back a decade. When a brand new boutique opens up down the road from your grandmother’s home, you have to go shop, right? I still own pieces from their earliest collections and they are still regularly worn and loved. It says something about the quality and aesthetic of a brand if pieces from it can survive the multiple personal fashion and wardrobe upheavals of a whole 10 years  in the life of a woman. 
This was at point in my life when I was just beginning to be conscious of what fabrics I wore and learning about different weaves which is one of the reasons why I found the this new store down the road so exciting. 
As a brand, Brass Tacks has constantly been evolving its aesthetic while staying true to their original idea of creating fashion that is about the women  who wear the clothes. A few weeks ago, when I was chatting with Anaka, we ended up talking about comfort. As a 31 year old woman I want to invest in clothing that look good on me, feel like second skin and don’t need constant fiddling and adjusting. I do not have the time or patience for clothes that I have to ‘style’ in a certain way to make them work for me. That is too much work and I would much rather spend that time on my own creative dance making  process. Every time I wear one of her impeccably tailored  pieces it reminds me of the creative process of another thinking, intelligent and artistic woman just like the ones she designs her clothes for. 
I am going to end this post with another little insight from Anaka on her ideology as a designer and brand owner. 
‘It really helps me, as a designer, to have a muse. So now when I design I think about who I’d like to dress: women who are passionate, intelligent, ambitious, progressive in thought, with a strong connection to India in some way. I’m very interested in capturing a certain voice that I believe exists in urban India – the voice of this woman who I just described – and it’s important to me that we’re able to do that through the clothes we design.’ 
Brass Tacks has physical stores in Chennai and in Bangalore
They also retail online on 

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